Adam Duckworth's Flash Photography Field Guide.
So pocketable it’s a bargain and great to carry around with you
Ideal if your photo budget isn’t huge yet you want professional quality results
If you're interested in shooting models, this is the book for you!
If you’re interested in shooting models, this is the book for you!








The three books I have written on using flash in your photography are now going for a snip on Amazon!

The Flash Photography Field Guide is a pocket-sized book crammed with all my own photos and how I took the pics. There is everything from the basics of how flash works, what settings to use and what kit to buy right through the simple and advanced techniques. Loads of real-life case studies feature, with oodles of lighting diagrams. I think it’s great – but I did write it! There are two different covers but the content is identical in each.

And the One Light Flash book is bigger, and I co-authored it with John Denton.There are loads of great photos and how they were taken, by myself and John. Loads of pics of people as well as lots of different subjects such as interiors, cars and more.

Now there’s Shooting Models, a unique book co-authored by myself and model-turned-photographer Franki Falkow. It’s a unique insight into the world of modelling and photography, and it’s filled with amazing images and how they were taken.

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