No flash, just Natural Qatar light!

Carry On, follow that Camel!
Carry On, follow that Camel!

Well, not much my usual style at all! All natural light, just a couple of prime lenses and a couple of days to wander round Qatar capital Doha.

Using my Leica M9 and 50mm f/1.4 Summilux and 25mm Zeiss ZM f/2.8 wide lenses, I captured some of the unique sights of this very bipolar city!

Women in hijabs shop the sanitised old Souk, while high-rise skyscrapers look like the epitome of Western capitalism. Without alcohol outdoors, of course. Click through for more images of this amazing place.

L1006348 L1006377 L1006381 L1006389 L1006402 L1006409 L1006414 L1006453 L1006589 L1006609 L1006697

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